This is a page for you to talk about your business — your team, history, vision, approach, etc. You can use this space to connect with your customers, build trust, and establish your brand. Customers always appreciate knowing who they’re buying from.

Thanks to 
Phil & Sebastian for allowing us to use their wonderful imagery for our demo theme. Below is their story:

We believe that coffee has great potential for flavour and nuance. We want to introduce this potential to our customers, and help them discover just how great coffee can be. For both of us this has always been a labour of love. We’re engineers and coffee lovers first, and businesspeople second. Along the way the bumps on the road have taught us to keep an eye towards sustainability, but for the most part our focus is where it’s been since day one, creating great coffee and sharing it with folks that appreciate it. Despite our growing business we still get to spend an inordinate amount of time being coffee nerds, which is exactly how we like it.